Instant Noodles (Vifon) - Crab Flavor

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Instant Noodles (Vifon) - Crab Flavor

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Ingredients: Rice, thickener, salt, flavor enhancer, artificial sweeteners, tomato, refined palm oil, water, freshwater crab, dried shrimp, red shallot, tofu, egg powder, refined sugar, thickener, chili extract, natural color, dried green onion, maltodextrin, pepper, chili, artificial crab flavor, anti-caking agent.

Net quantity (g/ml): 80g

Country of production: Vietnam

Manufacturer: Vifon

Distributor: SIA IFG Investment (“Vietnam Mart”)


Nutrition facts (100 g/ml)

Energetic value: 140,4 kcal -305,6 kcal

Total fat: 3,4 g – 6 g

Saturated fat: 3,6 – 6,4 g

Carbohydrates: 28,6 g – 56 g

Salt: 4 mg